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General usage notes

  1. This is not a public or commercial service, just a private test-bed used on personal invitation basis by those adept at facing error messages, calmly thinking about and at notifying them if clueless.

  2. Action buttons all require login. Domain owner gathers alpha-testers in private and tells them how sign up for a session. Users are registered and only need to login until 12h after last interaction, the cached and output files cannot be recovered.

  3. Being an alpha-tester requires exchange of WhatsApp or Signal contacts so you can make support queries and report bugs. For the latter, and to clone and deploy open-source Sompyler to your own device if you prefer, you may also use sompyler repository facilities on Gitlab. Alpha-testing contact members are able to create accounts themselves at any time without prior action by the webmaster. Please understand that when a certain number of active alpha-testers is reached, further requests are ignored or politely denied.

  4. To establish a humble plenty of fairness among the users competing for limited resources (after all, it is a quite small machine), I went lengths to implement measures so it is equally cumbersome for all. Read how on the limited resources information page.

  5. There is some, i.e. incomplete documentation on the syntax:

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Interesting files on this machine

Files in the list below demonstrate how the Sompyler language tackles different contexts of sound generation: